RedPen provides both a simple standalone command line tool and a server.

Command line tool

RedPen provides a simple command line tool called ‘redpen’ to check documents.

Usage: redpen

We use the redpen command as follows.

$ redpen [options] input-files

By default, input files are delimited by whitespace and then analysed. The redpen command supports the following options.


redpen has the following options.

-c <CONFIG_FILE>, --configuration <CONFIG_FILE>

Specify the RedPen configuration file

-f <INPUT_FORMAT>, --input_format <INPUT_FORMAT>

Input file format. [Default: plain]

This argument specifies the input format. Currently RedPen supports the following formats.

Value Description
plain Plain text format
wiki Wiki (Textile) format
markdown Markdown format
asciidoc AsciiDoc format
latex LaTeX format


RedPen does not currently support every element of the wiki format, such as tables. The remaining elements will be supported in the near future.

-r <RESULT_FORMAT>, --result_format <RESULT_FORMAT>

Result format. [Default: plain]

This argument determines the output format. Currently RedPen supports the following output formats.

Value Description
plain plain text format
plain2 an alternate plain text format collated by sentence
xml xml format
json json format
json2 an alternate json format collated by sentence
-h, --help

Display help.


Show the redpen version.

Sample server

RedPen also provides a sample server.

Usage: redpen-server

We can start and stop the redpen server with the following command.

$ redpen-server [start|stop]


redpen-server is able to be configured with editing the variables in redpen-server file itself. The following table shows the configuration variables and the default values.

Configuration Default Value Description
REDPEN_PORT 8080 Specify Port number of RedPen server.
STOP_KEY redpen.stop RedPen server is able to stop with Stop key with http access. If you do not want to stop with stop key comment out the value.

The functionality of the RedPen server is described on the RedPen Server page.